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Futureproof Branding.

brands, crafted with creativity.

Bring your brand to life with a bespoke logo and website that boosts engagement and brings a return on creativity.

Gorgeous web design that breaks the mould.

From colours to copy, we’ll create a captivating new website for your brand, drawing inspiration from various mediums and audiences until it’s pixel perfect. Starting with a brand book, we can develop new or existing brands from logo to website delivery.

Conscious UX Design.

By delving into the business goals, strategy, and architecture of your new site, we’ll craft a digital masterpiece that resonates perfectly with your target audience.

Encapsulating interfaces.

Starting with wireframes, we’ll design an interface that is clean and intuitive, blending simplicity, beauty, and strategic brilliance into a seamless digital experience.

Dynamic motion graphics & captivating animation.

We will bring your brand to life with striking animations and graphics that captivate and inspire users to take actions.

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What makes your web design 'creative'?
Creative web design with Chunky Frog is about crafting an online space that tells your brand’s story in a way that’s as unique as you are, engaging users with a blend of aesthetics, interactivity, and that little spark of Chunky Frog magic.
How does creative web design enhance user engagement?
Creative web design, with Chunky Frog’s clever use of micro-animations and interactive elements, can significantly enhance user engagement. These subtle yet powerful design features draw visitors in, guiding them through your site in an intuitive and memorable manner. By transforming ordinary interactions into enjoyable experiences, creative design not only captures attention but also encourages visitors to delve deeper, transforming passive viewers into active participants on your website.
Are there creative design approaches that work best for specific industries?
While a sleek, professional appearance may be perfect for some industries, others flourish with lively, interactive elements. Understanding your audience is crucial. Whether you’re styling a website for success in finance or fashion, Chunky Frog’s creative approach can truly make it stand out.
How do I balance creativity with usability in web design?
Balancing between visual appeal and user-friendly design is an art form. The key? Begin with usability as your base and add a dash of Chunky Frog’s creativity. This ensures your site isn’t just visually stunning but also effortlessly navigable.
Can a creative web design improve my conversion rates?
Indeed. A touch of creativity not only makes your site memorable but can also subtly steer visitors towards making that coveted click.
What process do your CF designers follow to come up with a creative web design?
At Chunky Frog, our design process kicks off with a thorough understanding of your objectives, your brand’s core values, and the needs of your target audience, laying a solid groundwork. We then dive into the brainstorming phase, where initial concepts are crafted and honed. Here, creativity takes the lead as ideas and concepts flow freely. Mood boards and style tiles often come into play, aiding in visualising the aesthetic direction and thematic elements. Subsequently, we translate these ideas into tangible visuals, meticulously refining them based on your input. Prototyping tools are then employed to breathe life into these static designs, offering a glimpse into the user experience. Finally, the design is passed to the development team, where it’s metamorphosed from a visual concept into a stunning website.
Do you create brand books and how much do they cost?
We can create a full brand book with logo exploration, colour palettes and stylistic values for £1k. From there we can build upon the logo and begin wireframing your new website, ensuring your brand messaging and core values are on-point, within a spectacular web design.

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